Ramik Bars 1 lb, 4 Pack

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Formulated to attract rats and mice, this 4 lb box of Ramik Rodenticide Bait Bars has a high protein, fish-flavored aroma. Mold, moisture and weather-resistant, the bait comes in ready-to-use bait bars for no-mess, easy placement. Contains Diphacinone, an extremely effective anticoagulant rodenticide. A small amount of edible wax is added to form these uniformly-sized bars. Contains four one-pound bars.

Target Rodents: Norway Rats, Roof Rats & House Mice


  • Contains the 1st generation anticoagulant Diphacinone
  • Mold and moisture resistant
  • Death may occur within 4-5 days after a lethal dose is consumed
  • Fish-flavored for high palatability
  • Food quality grain mix
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
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