Guinea Pigs

Other brands available in-store: Oxbow

Guinea Pig 5 lbs.
The perfect blend for guinea pigs. Only the finest grains are ground into this well rounded feed for your pets. Add to that, it is vitamin fortified and has added calcium! This is the complete feed to keep your guinea pigs completely healthy!
Mazuri Timothy-Based Guinea Pig Diet 5 lbs.
Your guinea pigs will squeal with delight at mealtime over this nutritious and delicious Mazuri® Guinea Pig Food. This guinea pig food supports chewing activity and boasts a taste that even the pickiest pig will love. Our pellets offer proper guinea pig n
Mazuri Timothy-Based Guinea Pig Diet 25#
Mazuri® Timothy-Based Guinea Pig Diet offers proper guinea pig nutrition in pellet form using Timothy hay which provides lower protein and excellent mineral balance for guinea pigs in all life stages. This highly palatable guinea pig food contains the asc
Timothy Hay Bag
An economical way to buy quality timothy hay for your small animal.
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