Poultry Accessories

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Egg Cartons, Solid Top Reclaimed Paper
High-quality, natural colored (gray) 100% reclaimed paper includes the required FDA Safe Handling Instructions and Keep Refrigerated Warnings. Solid top is left blank to allow for personalization. No grade or size specified on carton, so carton can be use
LG Chick Brooder Kit
Kit comes with a washable and reusable plastic corrugated wall and stand which includes a hook for a Brooder Reflector Lamp to be hung.
LG Still-Air Incubator
The tried-and-true way to incubate and hatch eggs, with updated digital technology. Holds 41 large chicken eggs or up to 120 bantam or quail eggs when used with the Little Giant Automatic Egg Turner.
LG Auto Egg Rotator for Still-Air Incubator
Fits Still-Air Incubator. Electric motor automatically rotates the eggs to prevent the yolk from settling to one side and to exercise the embryo. Plastic cups hold 41 chicken eggs. (Turkey and duck eggs will not fit in this turner.)
LG Incubator Thermometer
Essential for monitoring the temperature inside an incubator. Mercury-free thermometer comes mounted on a clear Mylar sheet to keep it on top of the eggs for easy viewing. Easy-to-read graduation marks can be seen through the incubator window.
LG Heat Brooder Lamp Bulb Red
Helps maintain animal warmth. Designed to provide enough heat for small flocks. 250 Watt/120 Volt bulb is great for brooding chickens and other poultry. Alloy bulb with non-stick base and 6000 hour bulb life. CE and cETL certified.
LG Heat Brooder Lamp with Guard 10.5"
Heat-resistant ceramic socket and double wire bulb guard for safety. Features 6' electrical cord w/ polarized male prongs & scratch-resistant clamp w/ ball joint for easy positioning. Uses 300W bulb maximum, sold separately.
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