Dog & Cat

Wider selection of plastic, ceramic & stainless steel dishes available In-Store!

Double Dish, Small Lightweight
Item Dimensions (Inches): 1.75 H X 5.50 W X 10.50 D
Double Dish, Large Lightweight
Item Dimensions (Inches): 2.75 H X 6.75 W X 13.00 D
Lixit Auto Waterer Adaptor (Faucet Adaptor)
AUTOMATIC WATERER ADAPTOR -Turns any hose into a self-watering device for your pet. It's durable design, resists rusting and corrosion making it great for outdoor use.
Auto Waterer, Medium 6L
Item Dimensions (Inches): 11.13 H X 14.13 W X 8.63 D
Auto Feeder, Small 3 lbs Capacity
Item Dimensions (Inches): 8.50 H X 11.50 W X 6.88 D
Pet Food Container 10# Capacity
Ideal for owners of small dogs who want to store 10 pounds of pet food.
Fresh-tite™ seal ensures your pets’ food will stay fresh longer reducing spoilage due to pests and moisture.
Made from USFDA food contact approved plastic (safe for pets).
Pet Food Container 25# Capacity
Item Dimensions (Inches): 16.30 H X 13.73 W X 15.21 D
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