• Local, family business
  • Serving our islands for over 50 years
  • Customer service focused
  • Community oriented


Can we purchase items online?

Unfortunately, we are not selling items online, but we welcome you to come to our retail store to see all the things we have to offer.  The products listed on our website show a small sample of the items we have for sale in-store.


Why don't you show prices on your website?

Due to our economic environment, its difficult to maintain up to date pricing on our website.  In addition, many manufacturers enforce their minimum advertised pricing (MAP), which is also challenging to monitor given the many vendors we deal with.  We show a selection of our products online for basic product information only.  Feel free to call us at (808) 259-5344 for current prices.


Do you deliver?

We deliver to ranches on the windward side and bulk items to farms across the island for a fee.  We do not have the capacity to do home deliveries at this time.  For large items such as cattle panels or stall mats, feel free to contact us at (808) 259-5344 to inquire about a delivery and the delivery cost.


Do you sell live animals?

We may sell live animals during the animal events we hold throughout the year, but we do not sell live animals in our store on a regular basis.  We bring in various breeds of egg-laying chicks about 4 times per year and we feature local breeders on occasion.  Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a specific animal and we can connect you to a local breeder if we know of any.  Also, follow us on Instagram @waimanalofeedsupply for the latest updates on upcoming events.

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