El Cantador 14% 50 lbs.
Protein: 14.0%, Fat: 4.3%, Fiber: 5.0%, Ash: 2.5%

Wheat, Milo, Corn, Pellets¹², Cr Corn, Oats, Canadian, Green Split Peas, Sunflower Oil, Red Lentils, Safflower, Pellets 4, Fish Oil.
Wild Bird Mix
Millet, Milo, CR Corn, Wheat, Millet, Red Milo, Rape
Canary Roller Mix
Canary, Rape, Flax
Parakeet Mix
Millet, Canary, Oat Groats
Canary Plus
Canary, Rape, Vitamin Coated Seed*, Flax, GR CR Oat Groats, Red Millet
Protein: 16.9%, Fat: 12.10%, Fiber: 10.0%, Ash: 0.0%
Finch with Millet
SM Millet, SM Red Millet, Canary, Nyger, Oat Groats, Rape, Flax
Protein: 12.3%, Fat: 5.25%
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