Banixx Pet Care Spray 8 oz.

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Use Banixx as a dog wound spray, cat wound spray, hot spot spray for dogs, cat ear infection remedy and more, any time you need it. It’s your all-in-one solution for helping your animal be happy and healthy.

Our antiseptic and anti-fungal spray for dogs and cats combats a variety of maladies, including:

  • Ear Infections: Banixx serves as a cat or dog ear infection remedy, whether that infection is caused by fungus, yeast, bacteria or ear mites.
  • Hot Spots: Used as a hot spot spray for cats or dogs, Banixx is a sting-free solution for relieving the pain of the red, moist, itchy sore known as a hot spot.
  • Ringworm: When your pet’s dealing with the scaly, itchy rashes and/or hair loss associated with the fungal infection ringworm, the anti-fungal power of Banixx gives you a way to treat it.
  • Wounds: Help your pet’s skin repair after an injury or other wound by spraying odor-free, sting-free Banixx on the area.
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