Katy's ABC Jr
Katy's ABC's Jr. 10" x 4"
Slat Toy 12, Colorful
12 Slats 12" x 3.5"
Boredom Buster, Small
Boredom Buster - Small 12" x 6"
Knot Block Preener, Mini
Knot Block Preener - Mini 5" x 2"
Mallard Creek Triple Screen Shavings
The most popular Mallard Creek equine bedding, Triple Screen shavings are made from all-natural softwood that is aspirated, vacuumed and screened to remove 98% of the fines leaving behind large, fluffy flakes.

Triple Screen is a blend of fir and pine,
Mallard Creek Cedar Shavings
Cedar Shavings are naturally moisture and odor absorbent so it keeps your pet's home smelling fresh and clean. Plus, the natural oils in cedar help keep bugs at bay to keep yourself and your pet happy.
Bottle Cleaning Brush, 2 Sizes
Quality Bottle cleaning brush keeps bottles clean and algae free.
•extra long handle for reaching into the deepest of bottles
•small brush housed in the handle ideal for cleaning tubes and caps.
•great for cleaning critter tubes and modular cages.
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