Straw Bale
Single compressed bale weighs approximately 70- 80 lbs. Approximate dimensions are 43''x24''x16''
Commonly used for animal bedding for horses, livestock, chickens, and others. Occasionally used for seasonal decoration.
Mallard Creek Premium Poultry Bedding
Mallard Creek’s Premium Poultry bedding is the obvious choice if you are looking for poultry bedding that is natural, healthy, cost-effective, and provides your chicken coop a cleaner environment. This is an ALL-IN-ONE product includes ultra-absorbent pre
Mallard Creek Triple Screen Shavings
The most popular Mallard Creek equine bedding, Triple Screen shavings are made from all-natural softwood that is aspirated, vacuumed and screened to remove 98% of the fines leaving behind large, fluffy flakes.

Triple Screen is a blend of fir and pine,
Mallard Creek Cedar Shavings
Cedar Shavings are naturally moisture and odor absorbent so it keeps your pet's home smelling fresh and clean. Plus, the natural oils in cedar help keep bugs at bay to keep yourself and your pet happy.
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